Folk and ceilidh band

Rumble-o are a 4/5 piece folk and ceilidh band from Warwickshire. We are available for English ceilidhs (like a barn dance but less ‘do-si-do’ and more ‘swing’, see * below), wherever you are.

Listen here: Live ceilidh: 7 stars and fourpence ha’penny farthing

We also give musical performances which include an eclectic selection of brilliant folk songs and tunes, and a few covers of 80’s popular music.

Listen here: The Ploughman

You’ll find us practicing these at our local folk clubs and we regularly perform at concerts and folk festivals. We also have a whole Christmas set of cunningly concocted carol/folk tune combos available for Christmas fayres etc.


Rumble-o at Warwick Folk festival 2014

* English Ceilidh (with Ceilidh being pronounced ‘kaylee‘) is a more riotous and eclectic variation on English Folk, Barn or Country dancing. Simple Folk Dances done with energy. It’s what you get when you take the gentler English Country or Folk dancing and add excitement. The form of the dances is basically simple. The quality of the dance is very much dependent on the band plus how well the band, caller and dancers get on with each other (, 2015).


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